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The Qualitons - Mellbimbo / Kulmi
7" Vinyl
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The Qualitons

Mellbimbo / Kulmi

Tramp Records

Released: 8th March 2010 | 2 track funk single
The band was named after the living memory of the Hungarian Recording Company Qualiton - a label that exsisted between the late 1950s and 1970s. Those records were able to bear the spirit of the Eastern block along with the Western impacts of the language of dance music. The band was founded to cultivate the musical heritage of the authentic instrumental sounds of those ages. Mellbimbo, the title track of their second 7inch on Tramp, is a stone-cold killer from beginning to end. The band members show once again their skills on each instrument, especially Matyas Premecz gets down on the Organ. For this recording they assembled a bright, tight horn section which arrangement is obviously influenced by the psychadelic afro-sounds of the 1970s. Kulmi with its hypnotic midtempo groove is another original composition of the band. Barna Szoke is grooves along on his guitar, using the wah-wah pedal in a very decent way. Drummer Hunor G. Szabo does a great job too and even delivers a short but tight drum break right after the bridge.