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Crawdad Farmers - Redbeard / Jesses Party
7" Vinyl
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Crawdad Farmers

Redbeard / Jesses Party

Lake Side

Released: 2nd August 2010 | 2 track funk single
Since his first 45 rpm single release on Tramp (TR1012 Don't Go Away / The Fresh One) Lucky Brown has steadily been improving his sound/production and become a very important part of Tramp Records. This time he performs under a pseudonym, the Crawdad Farmers, delivering more authentic funk which not many bands can replicate these days. The way he records his songs seems to be simple, but as soon as you try to do it the same way you realize that it is not simple at all. It takes a whole lot more than just placing mics in the right places and to having the proper equipment. What you need is something else, it's called SOUL! And Lucky Brown definitely has a lot of it! Redbeard and Jesse's Party are released just in time for the summer of 2010. Either you play it at your private BBQ or a packed dancefloor, people will go nuts for it for sure. Be prepared for more raw funk and soul music from Lucky Brown, his debut longplayer is in the making and will hit the streets soon!