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T.D. & Jimmy James 3 - Mosquito Eater / Jalapeno Pep Pt.2
7" Vinyl
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T.D. & Jimmy James 3

Mosquito Eater / Jalapeno Pep Pt.2

Tramp Records

Released: 16th May 2011 | 2 track funk single
Here is something fun from a recent session I composed, co-produced, arranged, engineered and performed on. Seattle Washington, USA. September 15th, 2010. The working session name is T.D. & The Jimmy James 3. I was experimenting with how far I could push the drum and guitar channel through this weirdo amp I had laying around. As usual, I dug into my stash of noname mics turned to my trusty cassette 4-track. Drums went thru the same Moneymaker mic as in the Crawdad Farmers and Chez Jojo sessions. I am pretty happy with the results. I think we got the good vibes. T.D. stands for Thomas Deakin, sax player from my band. Jimmy James is Jabrille Williams, guitar player from Seattle. The other guys are Jens Gunnoe on Drums and Bob Lovelace on Bass. I was helped by Jason Gray which makes this our inaugural Brown & Gray Production Hope ya dig it. Joel Ricci, April 2011