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Diazpora - Seven Up / Strutosphere
7" Vinyl
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Seven Up / Strutosphere

Tramp Records

Released: 17th October 2011 | 2 track funk single
Diazpora hails from Hamburg, Germany, consisting of a bunch of young fellows who are proud to present their debut on Tramp Records. Although they have privately released a couple of albums, this is their first 45RPM single release. Seven up has been originally released on a previous album. However the version to be found here is a live version recorded at a small street festival in Hamburg in September 2010. The drums and the bass simply kick-ass (imagine it is a double-bass!) The decent work of the guitar player fits just perfectly and the solos of both trumpet and saxophone brings the whole tune to another level.

As on all Tramp 45RPM singles these two songs will not be released digitally. Save the vinyl and play it out loud!