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The Eminent Stars - The Club
7" Vinyl

The Eminent Stars

The Club

Tramp Records

Released: 3rd February 2014 | 2 track soul single

The Eminent Stars were founded by saxophonist Ben Mendes and drummer Toon Oomen. They both share the love for the great music emerging from cities like New Orleans in the 60's and 70's: Dr. John, Freddie King, The Meters and many more! Just mix up some soul, Rhythm and Blues, funk and Blues and there you have it: a record that consists of authentic elements: it's danceable, intriguing, vibrant and fresh!

Then the moment arrived when Toon & Ben planned a recording session in a rusty old farm in the middle of the French Ardennes. Here the basis-recordings for the new album Sittin' In found place: all live, together in one big old dusty room, all vintage equipment was brought down there. Just to capture the authentic sounds & vibes of the songs. Soon the great American singer-songwriter Bruce James joined the team, later other vocalists including Steffen Morrison. All blending in with the Eminent Stars!