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The Tibbs - Footprints in the Sand
7" Vinyl
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The Tibbs

Footprints in the Sand

Tramp Records

Released: 15th September 2014 | 2 track soul single

Now and then we here at the Tramp office receive material from new soul bands from all over the world. Quite often it is nothing of interest for us, except for a few. The Tibbs, originating from The Netherlands, are certainly one of those exceptions.

The Tibbs were formed in the early summer of 2012. Started as a cult act, playing obscure instrumentals and long forgotten Memphis and Northern Soul classics, they soon felt the urge to expand the repertoire with their own songs. The result: a surprising, exciting mix of heartfelt originals.

With a lineup of drums, bass guitar, lead guitar and Hammond organ, a three-man horn section and the feisty vocals of frontwoman Elsa Bekman, the Tibbs amount to seductive garage soul with a dash of blues, funk, jazz and surf.

The single will be released on good old 7 vinyl as well as digital download.