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The Blue Bottles - Come to This
7" Vinyl

The Blue Bottles

Come to This

Tramp Records

Released: 13th October 2014 | 2 track funk single

The Blue Bottles were founded by guitarist Matt Taylor, drummer Stephen Russell and bassist Dan Lott in 2011. The concept being to play no-nonsense heavily percussive raw funk, aimed directly at the dance floor but with songs and melodies that will lodge in the skull and refuse to jettison.

Fast forward to 2014 with numerous gigs under the belt (and now swelled in size to 6 members) and the band decamped to record 13 tracks - all live in one room in one day - including these two featured tracks. A healthy dollop of sonic fairy dust was then sprinkled all over the mix by leading UK funk producer Lack Of Afro. A number of these tracks, all as yet unreleased, have been getting heavy rotation on BBC Radio 2's Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show.

The band have a shared love for all the great 60/70s funk classics - Lee Dorsey, James Brown, Betty Davis, and so many others. But don't mistake The Blue Bottles for a retro styled bunch of suit wearing imitators - with a diverse range of musical tastes and backgrounds, the band have been variously described as 'The MC5 playing funk'.