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Oceanliners - Funky Pants
7" Vinyl
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Funky Pants

Tramp Records

Released: 19th December 2005 | 2 track single
Another treasure from the vaults of Henry Stone's incredible musical archive, originally released on 'Blue Candle Records' in 1972. 'Blue Candle' was one of those small sub-labels run by Henry Stone and friends. This band was Betty Wright's first tour band. After they played on many hits for T.K. Records they eventually became 'The Sunshine Band' of 'KC & The Sunshine Band? fame. Band members included Jerome Smith on guitar, Robert Johnson aka Shotgun on drums, Anthony Turner on bass. The horns were led by Jerome's brother, Ronald Smith. Both sides are heavy funk instrumentals with strong guitars, pounding bass lines and tight drums. An original copy is hard to get, and if one turns up you have to spend at least a few hundred dollars. Now it is available for a fair price and for the first time, distributed world wide because of the excellent work of our distributors. For us at Tramp Records it is always a pleasure to step back into the raw funk sounds of the early 70s, just because this is the only true music done with SOUL!'