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The Soul Dukes - Soul 69 / Jelly Fish
7" Vinyl
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The Soul Dukes

Soul 69 / Jelly Fish

Tramp Records

Released: 17th January 2011 | 2 track single
The Soul Dukes were a little known funk/soul band out of Englewood, New Jersey. Founded in 1966 by drummer Stepen Daniels, the band was originally called The Dukes & the Duchess. After some personal changes the band renamed to The Soul Dukes. They played at clubs, discos, theaters and concert halls in the north-east region of the US. They even shared the stage with James Brown and Lloyd Price, to name a few. Their one and only 45 rpm single release (Soul-69 b/w Jelly fish) was recorded in early 1969. Although Soul-69 was heavily played by Keb Darge at his famous Madama JoJo's club night, it never reached the cult-status as other tracks he played to death like for example by Mickey & the Soul Generation or Larry Ellis & the Black Hammer. The rarity of an original 7 is important, more important though for the Tramp Records crew is the quality of the music. That's why they invested time to track down the original band members to finally re-release this killer double-sider 41 years after its first release. As all re-issues on Tramp it comes with excellent sound quality and is limited to 250 hand-numbered copies.