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Harmonica Paul - Motherless Child
7" Vinyl
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Harmonica Paul

Motherless Child

Tramp Records

Released: 20th August 2012 | 1 track soul single

Harmonica Paul's real name was Alton Paul Alexander. Alexander recorded this song completely alone. He played guitar and had a piece of tin that he tapped on with his feet to help him keep rhythm. Later two musicians come in, a drummer and rhythm guitar player, to fill it out some. They did not use any overdubbing by Alexander. His guitar amp was miked and went to one track and his vocal mike went to another track. Later the drummer's mikes went to a third track while the new rhythm guitar went to the 4th track. The raw and unpolished sound of 'Motherless child' definitely comes from how it was recorded. In those former days, when music was recorded in analogue it sounded warmer, and much more importantly, you were able to feel and not only hear the music. Take time and listen closely to this tune, it only lasts for two minutes and 42 seconds, but man it's full of power!