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Afet Serenay - Bir Of Çeksem..
Out 24th August 2018

Afet Serenay

Bir Of Çeksem..


Expected: 24th August 2018 | 10 track funk album

Really an amazing atmospheric and psych-influated album by Afet Serenay.
Mind-blowing tunes by the players, band members were famous musicians and the band called ARILAR (which means The Bees).
Some hard-hitting rhythm section blending into a prime example of the swingin' sound of the cool influences of Psychedelic Folk..
Most of the songs are from traditional Turkish folk songs with groovy arranges,
drum attacks, percussions, saz and absolutely superb moog sounds going there and here..
Lovely and tasty Turkish Delight..! Enjoy the sound =)