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Nathan Bartell - Top Going Down Bottom Going Up
7" Vinyl

Nathan Bartell

Top Going Down Bottom Going Up

Tramp Records

Released: 17th February 2017 | 2 track soul single

Nathan Bartell grew up in a little town called Ashburn, Georgia but soon moved to Atlanta Georgia where he began to perform in the night clubs. In 1973 he released Top Going Down, Bottom Going Up on the Soul-Po-Tion label. Bartell remembers: At the time I was having family problems. My wife didn't want me and I was deep in love. I felt at that time that I was at the bottom of the pit and I wanted to rise up out of that mess because my wife made me feel that I was a nobody. I was not good enough for her - nobody wants you when you are down and out. She felt that she were on the top and I was on the bottom. This song was a message at that time. There is nothing for us to add except that we are delighted to bring this little beauty back to new life.