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Keither Florence & The Associates - Future
7" Vinyl

Keither Florence & The Associates


Tramp Records

Released: 30th June 2017 | 2 track disco single

Keither Florence was born in Wichita, Kansas and is the proud father of six children. He has pastored The Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Wichita for the past 30 years and he has always been musically inclined. At age 21 Keither rekindled his love for writing music. While attending Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia in the early 70's, he penned some of his songs which were later released on 45RPM single on his own label, Florence Records. The increase in his family size forced Keither to put his music plans on hold for the time being. Today, Keither Florence is singing professionally as a gospel solo artist. You are welcome to learn more about him by visiting

Tramp Records has licensed another one of his songs titled Down Here On The Ground for the 5th volume in the famed Praise Poems series. Around the same time an agreement has been made to re-release Future and Free on 45RPM single.

For us, the one and only reason to re-release Keither Florence music was not for the money and not for being hip but the sheer quality of his recordings.