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The What!?

Definition pt. 2

Trazmick Recordings

Released: 2nd October 2009 | 4 track jazz rap/hip-hop single
Super MCs Replife and Verbal Math are The What!?. Trazmick Recordings presents the Definition EP on 7 vinyl and digital download with two versions of their track, Definition. The OG Mix is an unearthed golden era gem originally recorded back in 1999 and produced by Emmy Award winner, Emmai Alaquiva of Pittsburgh, PA. The flipside contains a rerecorded, up-tempo interpretation of the same song produced fresh for 2009 by San Francisco based Spinnerty. DJs from around the world have shown early support for this release, receiving praise and spins from Om Records artist J-Boogie, Philly's DJ Junior, and London's Kev Beadle.