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Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Paint Me in a Corner
7" Vinyl

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators

Paint Me in a Corner


Released: 1st May 2015 | 2 track retro soul single

Now and then you might find yourself painted in a corner. It is usually the case that you can only blame yourself for ending up there. The painter of shapes and words, Nicole Willis has painted herself for the past ten years into the periphery of Helsinki, Finland, only to sing her soul out. Now she's back at grinding her vocal axe with The Soul Investigators.

Approaching the release of their third joint album in late 2015, it's time to test the waters with Paint Me in a Corner b/w Where Are You Now. Neither of the tracks carries much of a humour element. The first one points its pounding existential finger towards us all, urging us to break the chains of normality, while the beautiful melancholia of the second track rocks the listener in a mid-tempo groove paradise.

These two tracks might be just the thing to kick you in the chest with enough soul in order to get out of the house. Maybe even dance by yourself in a desolate corner of the bar.

Mathieu Schreyer, KCRW
"Loving it! Full support!"
Michael Ruetten, Soulsearching radio shows / Jazz Thing & Groove mags
"Moody soul, digging it!"
Monk-One, Wax Poetics / NYCTrust
"Loving the feel of these tracks!"
Femi Fem, Mi-Soul
"GREAT to have them back!"
Steve Owen, iTunes UK
"Great tune which should rock every Northern Soul dance floor!"
Oliver Korthals, Mojo Club / Out of Spectrum on Byte FM / Freeform - The Mojo Radio Show on NDR F