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Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators - Scorpio Man Theme
7" Vinyl

Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators

Scorpio Man Theme


Released: 30th December 2016 | 2 track funk single

The mystified sound emanating from the disc in question belongs to the flute wielding monster Ernie Hawks. This dynamic player has grazed the airwaves of the worldwide underground for the past two decades. Now it's his star time.

This two-tracker single from Ernie's debut album Scorpio Man sinks the listener deep into the moods of European library music and American instrumental funk classics. On Journey To The Bottom, backed with fuzzy synth lines, he and The Soul Investigators explore emotional funk to the fullest. Their raw sound has pushed artists like Nicole Willis, Myron & E as well as Willie West to new heights before and now it's Ernie Hawks, who holds the torch.

The intro of the title track Scorpio Man should give the breakbeat friends something to get excited about, while the rest of the track pushes the listener into the midst of a exploitation chase scene. It's possible that it's been a while since you've heard something as hard as well as uncomplicated and sincere. Keep your senses open for the coming full-length, it should drop like a bomb soon enough.