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Jukka Eskola Soul Trio - Introducing the Soul Trio
7" Vinyl

Jukka Eskola Soul Trio

Introducing the Soul Trio


Released: 24th March 2017 | 2 track soul jazz single

With this soul jazz slammer, Timmion introduces one of the most iconic Finnish contemporary jazzers, Jukka Eskola. Trumpeter Eskola's Soul Trio sounds exactly, what the name suggests, the golden era of mid 1960's soul jazz. The trio, composed of trumpet, organ and drums, delivers a sound that brings to mind classic Prestige recordings by Jack McDuff, Willis Jackson and Gene Ammons.

Jukka Eskola started to make a name for himself already in the early 2000's but really gained a reputation as the tireless brass handler on Five Corners Quintet, the post millenial powerhouse of dance floor jazz from Helsinki. Since then he's been grinding hard on the international jazz circuit with his own groups and become the trumpet of choice in almost every jazz combo of note from Finland.

Introducing The Soul Trio and Martha's New Moment are both picked from Eskola's upcoming album on Timmion and should please everybody, who can handle their soul infused with jazz or their jazz with some greasy funk touches. Better get your plate ready, the grill is warming up!