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Velben - Formless



Traveller Records

Released: 5th April 2008 | 8 track neo-soul album
Velben is one of the freshest new dudes outta Detroit via Scandinavia. Raw honest soul music. We need more of that shit. - Rich Medina | Kindred Spirits USA This is that real soul music for the new millenium. It's the sound that real music lovers have been starving for. - Cosmo Baker | The Rub, USA Incredible Detroit soul from Velben - an artist who may not be as well-known as some of his contemporaries on the scene, but who really bursts forth with a tremendous sound on this debut! The record's got a feel that's just wonderful - a blend of blurred beats and basslines, crispy keyboards, and flanged-out vocals that are compressed nicely down in the mix, yet come through with a sense of warmth and soul that's really amazing. There's a subtle sense of poetry in Velben's music - much more so than we're used to hearing on a record like this - and amidst some of the fiercer, more electronic bursts of sound, the vocals anchor the groove wonderfully, and give it a solid focus that makes for one hell of a great little record. And although the length of the set is just over a half an hour, the tunes are so great that Velben manages to get more into a short record than most artists do in a much longer one! - Dusty Groove America, USA Very nice album, soulful gem! - Michael Reinboth | Compost Records, Germany Velben has always been beyond 2morrow! The vibes are so cyber! There is no form! It's shapeless. It ventures the whole galaxy! I'm enjoying the formless sounds. - Jneiro Jarel | Lex Records, USA K-O-V-A debyytti detroitilaiselta tuottaja-laulajalta! Dweleä, Raphael Saadiqia ja Amp Fiddleri ja vastaavia diggaaville ns. pakkopoisto. - Lifesaver Records | Helsinki