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Autodidakt & John Disco - Autodisco
12" Vinyl
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Autodidakt & John Disco



Released: 4th May 2009 | 4 track ep
aUtOdiDakT and John Disco join forces as djs and producers in this project to stretch the boundaries of electrohouse by melting fidget-house with Nu Rave sounds and integrating deep house, funk, old-school breakbeat and even reggae trademarks to their sound. The aUtODisco-Theme is a straight in your face stomper with gnarly b-lines, funkand rave-stabs and a breakdown which seems to come straight out of London's trendsetter-clique around the Dubsided label and people like Trevor Loveys, Herve or Jesse Rose. With this opening-track auTOdiDakt and John Disco perfectly define their attitude of full-on party when they play! Laugh 4 Mommy takes the fidget-style in a deep house context before really getting off after the drop...a perfect transition from a deeper support-DJ to your own fierce peaktime-set!! Scream 4 Daddy is a rave-monster which is already heavily rinsed by Malente or Shir Khan and will turn every club into a madhouse after the hell of a drop in the middle!! It combines the harshness of a Don Rimini or Crookers production with a groovy melody and these vocal-chops won't ever fail in a club. One Basket features danish vocalist Emo Dada (Stereo Deluxe) and shows a side of aUtODisco which is slightly more mellow and almost suitable for any radio-format without loosing the dancefloor-focus. Imagine Rockers Hi-Fi's classicPush Push translated into 2009 club-style with rave-sirens, punchy old-school.