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Various Artists - Contemporary Afro Beat

Various Artists

Contemporary Afro Beat

Tramp Records

Released: 1st October 2015 | 12 track afrobeat album

Diving into the Tramp catalogue, you will encounter every shade of soulful music: Latin-Jazz, Afro Beat, Modern Soul and everything in between. A very important detail is the organic and authentic sound of the music of the 1960s and 70s. Some people say it is old-fashioned to emulate the greats of this period. Tramp does not agree with that at all. Being influenced by the music that was recorded in that period is not copying a particular style but preserving the atmosphere, mood and feeling of a 'Golden Era' in Funk, Soul and Jazz music. The analogue recording technique gives the music a human touch. This authenticity is very difficult to achieve with only digital equipment. The idea that music must sound 'squeaky-clean' is simply ridiculous. What of the more important elements of good music: vibe, groove, flavor, and style?

Afro Beat, the original hybrid of Jazz, Funk and West African highlife created by Fela Ransome-Kuti and Tony Allen in the late 1960s, is everything else than dead in 2011: Open your mind and ears and enjoy the exciting sounds of Odu, Afromotive, Jojo Quo & his Challengers and all the others. Fela declared his music the progressive music of the future. Well, the future has come. This is Contemporary Afro Beat.