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Various Artists - Feeling Nice
CD Album
Vinyl LP

Various Artists

Feeling Nice

Tramp Records

Released: 13th June 2011 | 12 track soul jazz album
The term rare indicates hard to find, precious, and uncommon. No matter what the item, by using that term a company wants to express that the buyer of their product purchases something real special. When it comes to original 45RPM singles in the Funk & Soul universe, the term rare means a lot more than you might expect. Quite often the quality of the music is an afterthought. It has to be rare, otherwise it is bad or even completely out of interest. Of course, this goes for the hardcore diggers only. The few worldwide labels which are legally licensing compilations of rare material have focused first on the quality of the music. Tramp Records is counted among those few (rare!) labels. The tunes on this compilation are top-end rarities, even for the advanced record collector. Daniel and Tobias started work on this project in the beginning of 2010. Compared to the obscurities to be found here this is not a long time though. The effort, time and enthusiasm they put into it has not been documented. If it had, it probably would have amounted to a thankless task. Why? The answer is simple; CD and Vinyl sales are far away from what they used to be and people who pay for MP3s are the minority. There is no reason to do such a project for the money nowadays. Obviously, Daniel and Tobias are not only collectors and DJs but totally into sharing with the world their passion. Each of them chose six songs from their collection to present for the first time to a worldwide audience. The buyer can be assured not only of the rarity and quality, but of the refined taste and heartfelt care that went into this product. The 8-page CD booklet contains detailed liner notes as well as unpublished photographs. The vinyl comes with a gatefold cover. All songs have been officially licensed and carefully mastered to provide the highest listening pleasure possible.
"I must say that it's the best Funk comp I've heard in at least 10 years."