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Various Artists - Movements, Vol. 5

Various Artists

Movements, Vol. 5

Tramp Records

Released: 1st January 2015 | 18 track funk album

The year is 2013 A.D. True music lovers are forced underground because the whole world has been overrun by multinational media conglomerates... the whole world? Not entirely! There is one small village in Bavaria inhabited by an indomitable DJ whose record label still holds out against the invaders of minimalistic electro sounds and narrow-gauged pop bleat. Life ain't a cakewalk for our mighty little label, but with verve, spirit and a great courage it defends the mission of long-forgotten musicians: to reanimate the soul sounds of the 1960s and 70s.

Ladies and gentlemen - Tramp Records is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

Movements 5 is another representative release for this close collaboration between label and musician. As with previous releases in the Movements series, Volume 5 features detailed liner notes that include unpublished band photos that may have never seen the light of day had it not been for Tramp's mutually beneficial artist/label relationships. The happiness and pride felt in an enthusiastic Thank you man! from a 75-year old soul musician could not be counterbalanced by all the gold in the whole world.

We would like to thank all loyal souls and defenders of expelled music for their never ending support and hopes that all the tasty tidbits expected to drop this month will sweeten the start of a new decade.

HIP-HIP-HURRAY and CHEERS to Tramp Records, the artists, and all the loyal fans!