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Roy Porter Sound Machine '94 - Generation

Roy Porter Sound Machine '94


Tramp Records

Released: 16th December 2013 | 10 track west coast rap/hip-hop album

Legendary drummer Roy Porter released his first two albums (Jessica and Inner Feelings) in the early to mid 1970s. Although he retired from performing in 1978 on health grounds, he continued to give workshops and ran his publishing company. In 1994 he released his final album titled Roy Porter Sound Machine '94 – Generation at the age of 71. Guest musicians include not only original members of the Sound Machine but also the two rappers Ded to the World and Big Born as well as Houston Blue. This album combines organic jazz-funk grooves with Hip Hop beats and rhymes from the 1990s in perfection. Real DJs who still spin vinyl will be pleased with the loud pressing and proper mastering.

This album is available as digital download as well as on vinyl LP (limited to 500 hand-numbered copies).