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Various Artists - Movements, Vol. 6

Various Artists

Movements, Vol. 6

Tramp Records

Released: 17th March 2014 | 19 track funk album

The 'Movements' saga started in 2005 by music maven Tobias Kirmayer in association with a fellow German label, 'Perfect Toy'. His goal was - and still is - to discover, study, and properly represent great black american music that is at risk of being lost or forgotten. Today, his illustrious label: Tramp Records, proudly releases the 6th volume of this essential series. Though the track listing still contains amazing music you may never hear elsewhere, the series has matured since its first volume. The track selection has become more open minded, compiling ballads and soul-jazz tunes, even proto-disco in addition to the rare funk Tramp fans expect. Tracks are selected in chronological order so that the listener may get an impression of the development of of the art form from jazz to rhythm and blues to rock & roll to soul and of course - funk. As the website states: we ain't going for bootlegs, so, whenever possible, Tramp sought out and was granted permission to release each track from the original musicians who are very often in their late seventies now. He took that opportunity to interview them about their careers, their groups, and the recording sessions from which these gems arose. The artists' stories are meticulously published in extensive liner notes which are printed in the included full-color booklet. Their own words illuminate the colorful backstory behind each track.

Buy this record. Participate in the preservation and celebration of the history of great black american music.

Lucky Brown, February 2014

Key selling points:

- 14-page booklet with detailed liner notes, label scans and unseen photographs

- the majority of these songs appear on a full-length album for the very first time