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The KutiMangoes - Afro-Fire
CD Album
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The KutiMangoes


Tramp Records

Released: 14th April 2014 | 11 track afrobeat album

This may sound like an Afro-Orchestra, but for sure not like a sextet, which The KutiMangoes actually are! Compact arrangements with extremely blazing horns, especially from the baritone sax and the trombone. Nonetheless it is still not overwhelming, because everything is accompanied by a carefully counterbalanced easiness, beautifully recorded for the album Afro-Fire.

The KutiMangoes don't focus on being highly authentic, which might present it's difficulties, seeing as the are a union of Northern Europeans and West Africans. The sax player and band leader Michael Blicher regularly plays in a trio with the New Yorker god of groove Steve Gadd and composes for string quartets, movies and for this Band. A wonderful eclectical blend of Afro beat, Jazz, Soul and a little Blues.

This blend combines and contains the soul of Fela Kuti, the delusional arrangements from Charles Mingus (title Moanin) and the uncompromising drive from Ornette Coleman's Body Meta - supported by Patrick Kabrefrom Burkina Faso, who adds the final dose of feeling to the beats with his voice. Three brass players, two drummers and a man at the keys skillfully switch between the instruments.

The album is released on CD, vinyl LP and digital download. The LP is limited to 500 copies and comes with a full album download code.

"The Kutimangoes are destined to rule the club and festival scene this summer!"
Djouls, Paris DJs
"Top Notch Modern Vintage Afro Heat !! The opening' tune is a killa!"
Tom Wieland, 7 Samurai