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The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Samboogaloo
Vinyl LP
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The Hi-Fly Orchestra


Tramp Records

Released: 15th January 2007 | 10 track pop album
The Hi-Fly Orchestra (THFO) means all-acoustic jazz with a totally infectious and heavy dancegroove that always gets the crowd on the floor. The group has an ear for the great sound of 60s jazz, latin and samba, returning jazz to its grooviest roots. 1.Mo' slow (Jo Junghanss) An original composition by our pianist Jo - listen to his powerful piano solo - simply a burner. The rhythms are extremely tight, delivering an instant dancefloor classic. 2.Samboogaloo (Florian Riedl) That's the title of this album - listen and you will know why! 3. Liberated brother (Horace Silver) We play this funky latin tune as an opener at every live gig and we had to record it. We all love the melody and the chords from blue note master Horace Silver. 4. Madrugada orange (Florian Riedl) A tune by Flo with a fantastic driving bass line. ‘madrugada‘ means dawn, and we like it better in orange. 5. Belo horizonte (Jerker Kluge) Belo Horizonte is a town on the country side of brazil. It's an original composition by Jerker with a strong brazilian touch. Listen to the percussion breaks at the end of the tune! 6. Soul bossa nova (Quincy Jones) A Quincy Jones classic from the 60's. We used a completely different groove - check it out. 7. Suinge dela (Florian Riedl) Is a portuguese title and means ‚her swing‘. Driven by a pulsating tamborim beat, this composition of sax-player Florian should be a classic. 8. Remembering bruno (Jerker Kluge) After the unnecessary killing of bear bruno our bass player Jerker wrote this tune to honour our furry hero. 9. Violet (Norbert Küpper) ‘Violet’ is a composition by our percussion player nobit. It reminds one strongly the 70's sound. Tarantino would have used it for his “jacky brown†soundtrack, if he could have known it.