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Kaleta & ZoZo Afrobeat - Country Of Guns
Vinyl LP
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Kaleta & ZoZo Afrobeat

Country Of Guns

Tramp Records

Released: 17th March 2008 | 4 track pop single
Much in the tradition of classic 1970's afro-beat albums, this 13-piece NYC based outfit's debut consists of four lengthy pieces where the horn sections are allowed to explore their relationship with persistent percussion before the harmonious female vocals arrive as a prelude to the male lead, who takes the tune by the scruff of the neck and adds his magical vocals. Sound familiar? Of course, any comparisons to Fela and King Sunny Ade are well founded, and the lead vocalist in question, the multi-talented Kaleta, has indeed been a protégé of both these masters along the way. Like these legends, Kaleta too explores political questions in a very straightforward way. His cover of Robert Nester's Get Up (Stand Up) feels right at home in Bush's Country Of Guns, and is a stone cold killer; one that'll do the trick at any quality shindig. Baby Nia Lya shuffles along in the same kind of ju-ju groove, and Shake Your Nyansh picks up the pace a little for a proper Kuti flavoured workout with urgent brass leading the way, and enough little twists and turns to move any rump. The album closes with the rather more pensive Fimile (Leave Me Alone), a suitable call for peace to round off a politically charged album that, although it may not revolutionise Nigerian afro-beat music, certainly is a welcome addition to any collection.