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Various Artists - Music with a Message: Celestial Explorations into German Church Rock
Vinyl LP

Various Artists

Music with a Message: Celestial Explorations into German Church Rock

Tramp Records

Released: 25th November 2016 | 12 track funk album

With Music with a Message a new chapter has been opened in German music history. Actually, this is the first official compilation of it's kind which documents how rock, soul and funk have found their way into German churches in the course of Christian movements of the late 1960s and early '70s. Call it Xian (kraut-) rock or religious funk - these 12 tracks by almost totally unknown bands will convince rare groove lovers as well as the beat and rock collectors.

The set opens with Eingangslied (Die Rocker) by legendary Peter Janssens whose name was first introduced to the funk and soul collectors secne in 2010 when his song Grito Pidiendo was first re-released on the third volume in the classic Movements series. Siegfried Fietz is another well known figure in this genre, obviously no regular music buyer has ever heard of him. Our austrian neighbours are presented here with two songs, a sweet latin-ish soul tune by the Golems and an outstanding psych-rock cut by Kaplan Schwarz. Other contributions are the thrilling groovy rock track by the Light Of Light Group, the progressive and heavy beat instrumental by CT Four Plus, Du bist die Stimme from the sought after psychedelic mass by Oratorium, a charming lo-fi rock track by the Church Band, two perfect disco tunes by Salvation and Heike Tittman, and finally a monstreous and one of a kind funk track with some glorious vocals by a boys choir from Overbach. Pure Xian awesomeness!

The album was compiled by John Raincoatman aka DJ Scientist, who released two mixes in 2009 and 2010 together with his partner DJ Arok entitled Godly Grooves in which this sort of new genre in religious music was documented first. And the awesome cover artwork of Chrisse Kunst from Berlin is without question as creative as the music. Hallelujah!

"Amazing finds on this album. Didn't know German Christian hippies got the funk!"
Björn Wagner, Mighty Mocambos
"Sehr lässige Mischung."
Makossa, FM4 Head of Music
Hector Pizarro, Chile Con Mix