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Fre$hro - The Fre$hro Project
CD Album
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The Fre$hro Project

The Record Pool

Released: 7th February 2011 | 11 track leftfield/idm album
From the creator of NYC's Rong Music imprint comes a brand new label with a genre-bending long player: The Fre$hro Project How does the old adage go, jack of all trades but master of none? Well, Los Angeles producer Freshro doesn't seem to want to follow those constricting guidelines and instead has opted to create a masterful album that has no one single style to label it with. From R&B, to hip-hop, to Italio-disco, to alternative dance rock, the Freshro Project is an extremely well produced, and pop-radio friendly long player that will make the lads and the ladies happy, which can be a rarity these days... Taking a page from Steely Dan's production style, Freshro employed a slew of seasoned LA studio musicians and vocalists over an eight year period to compile the album that sits before you. Freshro first came onto the radar with a 12 single for Rong Music back in 2007 and has since contributed musical works to the Rong/DFA dual imprint as well as recently had a track released on a nifty 7 for the UK disco label, Claremont 56. All respectable imprints in their own right. The song 'Anything' from, 'The Freshro Project' has already been licensed to the ABC TV show, 'Scoundrels', as well as 'Spiritual Blues' to an episode of Rob and Big on MTV.