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CRuNCH 22 - Lush Flush
Vinyl LP


Lush Flush

Todres Records

Released: 6th July 2018 | 8 track electro-funk album

CRuNCH 22 are three hyperactive, partly disturbed musicians, producing live psychedelic

grooves from a strange combination of Rhodes-Piano (Tomer Baruch), Drums (Dan Mayo), And

Turntables (Erez Todres). Mixing funk, drum'n'bass, blues, dub and afrobeat, this trio manages to turn every concert into a party.

After playing in most major festivals in Israel, the band released two critically acclaimed albums on boutique Tel Aviv based label Audio Montage. First, a self-titled debut which was released in 2013 alongside a 7 vinyl and triggered the band first European tour. Next in 2016, CRuNCH 22 mess with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was released on a collectors edition LP, with a fresh psychedelic interpretation of Carrol's epic story based on samples from forgotten records of the original tale.

CRuNCH 22's members embrace a futuristic musical direction, creating a dive into mind's depths, and a strong desire for body moving. In their next EP, Lush Flush, their focus is shifted into further party driven - booty shakin' music, this time accompanied by three remixes of some of Israel's finest electronic producers. Lush Flush Is due to be released on vinyl in summer '18.

After their psychedelic tour to Alice's Wonderland on their adventurous second album, CRuNCH 22, the Tel Aviv based Rhodes, turntables & drums power-trio, is back with LUSH FLUSH, a fiercer than ever EP of raw, in-your-face grooves.

Opening track Cairo places a persistent Egyptian orchestra sample on top of a Led Zepplin-styled heavy beat; Osaka sounds like an early 2000s indie-pop with vocals sampled from a japanese folk song; Baba fuses Middle Eastern leads with broken beats; Minderbinder is a quirky afrobeat and Young & Happy is an odd metered pseudo-house track. While this list might seem as eclectic as you can get, the band's unique instrumentation and live playing style manages to make it sound completely coherent.

On the flip side of this 12 vinyl are three remixes by some of Israel's finest producers: Markey Funk's space-rock version of Cairo; Mule Driver's techno edit of Baba; and Obas Nenor's house remix of Young & Happy take these tunes deep into the dancefloor, making the LUSH FLUSH EP an important tool in any DJ's arsenal.

"Chubby Drums, slippery Rhodes & a Japanese singing from the Turntables. Now that's a pearl", Israeli Music Blog