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El Michel's Affair - Creation
7" Vinyl
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El Michel's Affair


Truth & Soul

Released: 18th April 2005 | 2 track single
Truth & Soul are proud to present the newest single from El Michaels Affair's debut album. 'Sounding Out The City ' the lush, cinematic sound that has become synonymous with El Michaels Affair has risen to a new plateau with the release of 'Creation' b/w 'Behind The Blue Curtains '. 'Creation' is a joyous, soulful excursions into dance-floor ecstasy, distinguished by a string laced arrangement, punchy horns and a storming rhythm section. The B-side 'Behind the Blue Certains ' is an introspective, evocative piece conjuring images of exotic thoughts and hidden pleasures.'
"Perhaps best known as the baritone sax-blowing Cancer with Sharon Jones's Dap Kings (at Lee's Palace Sunday, April 24), El Michels has been secretly working on an El Michels Affair album in his spare time. If the elegantly string-enhanced Creation (Truth & Soul) single is any indication of what's in store, the forthcoming Sounding Out The City album could be a much more elaborate venture than most may have anticipated. The dark flipside, Behind The Blue Curtains, goes for an edgy thriller soundtrack vibe that will have crossover appeal to hiphop heads. Two times dope."
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