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The Expressions - These Moments b/w Money Is Key
7" Vinyl
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The Expressions

These Moments b/w Money Is Key

Truth & Soul

Released: 28th November 2005 | 2 track single
On their second Truth & Soul release the Expressions return with their acclaimed soul sound to follow through where they last left off with 'Do You Love Me ' and 'Honey Dove'. Known now world-wide for their unique blend of smoothing sounds. Their newest endeavour is a tribute to one of the New Jersey's finest soul groups The Moments. 'These Moments' is an orchestral homage filled with layers of brass, strings, guitars and more, creating a unique sound that can compete with any new soul or R&B production of today. 'Money is King' a more sinister production embodies that everyday struggle money brings to each and everyone of us. With its hypnotic rhythm and full of orchestration, it takes you on a vivid and visual journey that speaks volumes, without ever saying a word. Both songs are instrumental versions taken from The Expressions upcoming full length release 'The Many Moods of '.'