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Funky Music Machine - Love Me A Little While Longer
7" Vinyl
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Funky Music Machine

Love Me A Little While Longer

Truth & Soul

Released: 31st July 2006 | 2 track single
In the late sixties and early seventies sammy campbell had a record label and recording studio in new brunswick NJ which churned out countless funk and soul masterpieces, but for various reasons, only managed to release one single before the label went under. Truth & Soul is proud to present another gem from the vaults of blacktop records which has never been released until now. Side One. Love me a little while longer is Mr. Cambell's homage to screamin' jay hawkins. It Starts with noe of those sought after durm breaks, then turns into a pysched-out funk soung, complete with fuzz guitar, group harmony vocals, and so much raw soul it begs to be played over an over. Side Two is a cover of the four tops classic hit 'can't help myself' performed in a raw style that puts a new twist on the original, rumor has it that at local shows in new jersey back in the day, the version had people losing their minds, and it's easy to see why.'