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The Giallos Flame - Euro Slash EP
7" Vinyl
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The Giallos Flame

Euro Slash EP

2600 Recordings

Released: 6th April 2009 | 8 track soundtracks single
2600 Recordings is proud to present the latest release from The Giallos Flame, continuing his dedication to the sounds of 70's Italian horror soundtracks, from Goblin horror funk to Morricone psyched out giallo jazz. Presented on a limited deluxe 7 inch single and CD EP package featuring hand stamped and individually numbered packaging, the Euro Slash EP follows up the critically acclaimed releases on the Analog Screams and DC Recordings labels. The release continues TGF's obsession with Italo-Horror soundtracks across 8 tracks which recall Carpenter-esque synth soundscapes and Fabio Frizzi style jazz-funk oddities all underpinned by the type of heavy rolling drum breaks Malcolm Catto would be proud of. The intricacies of the tracks on this EP are best explored by in-depth repeated listens, yet the heavy percussion gives an instant accessibility, especially on the tracks selected for the 7 inch, ensuring a place in every discerning DJ's crate. The Euro Slash EP lies perfectly between the authenticity of Finders Keepers unearthed concept albums and the analogue obsessive releases of labels like DC Recordings (who released The Giallos Flame's Live From Dunwich EP in 2008). This is a highly limited release aimed at a wide record buying audience from obscure soundtrack collectors to hip hop-heads looking for something original and authentic.
"This is pretty bloody fantastic, all I expected and more!"
DJ Food, Ninja Tune / Solid Steel
"Eddie Warner meets Klaus Schultze! Most authentic new library sounding shit I've heard."
Mike Burnham, The Heliocentrics
"Sounds awesome!"
Arcadion, DC Recordings
"The stalking ghosts of Fabio Frizzi and Goblin would no doubt be proud - astonishingly good stuff."
Xela, Type/Digitalis/Root Strat
"This is sick! I can't tell if it is a reissue of a 70s library record or something recorded this year."
Elektro4, Bully/Resource Room Produ