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The Same Old - Just for a While

The Same Old

Just for a While

The Same Old

Released: 14th April 2014 | 2 track pop single

The Same Old is Korean modern rock band with 4 members. Vocal and guitar - Yoon Tae-sik, Guitar - Choi Yeong-Doo, Bass-Lee Tae-Ho, Drums-Lee Su-Jin. This is their second single. Most of works have done at home studio such as recording, mixing, mastering, etc. The first song Just For A While, is about insecurities and expectations that friends and family have of one's future. It is about the concerns that the loved ones might have about their young generation. The song is telling them to give them more time and trust that they can pull it off. It is also giving a message of encouragement to the young generation themselves not to give up and stand on their own foot. At the second song,Bitter Sweet, is basically about bitterness and emptiness after breaking up with a lover. However, the feeling of sorrow, confusion, and anger toward the lover will gradually fade away and eventually turn into bitter sweet one, feeling empty and lonely but ironically relieved and calm about being alone again. These songs are composed and written by Choi Yeong-Doo and Yoon Tae-Sik, arranged by The Same Old.