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Night Hawks & Scott Wood - Chicken Grabber / Chicken Rock
7" Vinyl
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Night Hawks & Scott Wood

Chicken Grabber / Chicken Rock

TT Shakers

Released: 18th March 2013 | 2 track instrumental rock single

Something of a poultry offering here as we ransack the coop to pull out these two Chicken-based oddities.

On the top side is the Nite Hawks (a very early incarnation of the Crusaders - yes them of 'Street Life' success and ignominy) with their wondrous, slinky instrumental number 'Chicken Grabber', a jazzy, bump and grinder punctuated by frenzied clucking from the hens and deranged muttering from their unknown pursuer. Made infamous by its appearance in John Waters' notorious schlock-fest 'Pink Flamingos', 'Chicken Grabber' is surely one of the best songs about chicken ever made. That might seem a weak claim on the face of it, but then just consider the hundreds, perhaps thousands of other records inspired by our fowl feathered friends, and then consider that on the flip-side of this little rooster, we serve up Scott Wood's 'Chicken Rock' - another rock & roll curio with a decidedly unhinged air, and another of the very best chicken sides ever waxed.