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D-Felic - Easy Listening


Easy Listening

339 Records

Released: 4th July 2011 | 5 track broken beat ep
D-Felic’s Easy listening EP brings you again to another dimension. A dimension where soundscapes of jazz, ambient and electronica move around each other and afro and fusion meet on the corner of broken beats street. Music for a movie yet to be made. The ‘in your face beats’ and grimy basslines form the basis of Toenki Papa while the beats of Golden Flower give all the space to Dutch master Trumpet player Michael Varekamp who adds a moody tone. On Afrikabeats D-Felic rocks his beatmachine in full gear but also addded a funky African vibe to it. Happy person is a moody pianotrack, sferic and melancholic just like final track Possiblity which is best described as ‘ambient jazz’.