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D-Felic - D-Felic's Soul


D-Felic's Soul

339 Records

Released: 21st November 2011 | 3 track electro-funk ep
The last EP in a serie of 7 brings D-Felic back to the sound of his debut album OOST WEST THUIS BEST. The one and only Sandra St. Victor (of Family Stand fame) contributes her immaculate voice to opener Crave. The percussive beats of Crave are an easy prey for soul beast Sandra who easily flows along with D-Felic’s jumpy electronics. Next is ‘How you want it’ featuring Furlan. Furlan already contributed on D-Felic’s ep#6 and listening to 'How you want it' proves why D-Felic asked Furlan back into the studio. The production of this track is from a high level standard: catchy synths and broken beats, playful but still serious craftsmanship. Furlan knows exactly what to do and doesn’t stay behind. The 3rd and last track Soulboi is pure Nu-Soul. D-Felic lays here a solid beat with minimal funky synths which leaves all the space for Brian Zalmijn to show his skills as a fantastic soul singer.