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Jimmy Heap / The Nomads - Gismo / Icky Poo
7" Vinyl
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Jimmy Heap / The Nomads

Gismo / Icky Poo

TT Shakers

Released: 12th March 2012 | 2 track jump blues single
Another super sleazy double hitter here, with Jimmy Heaps 'Gismo' perhaps the ultimate shaker out there - a wigged-out, goofy riff on the Champs masterpiece 'Tequila', complete with nonsensical vocal interruptions ('GISSMOO!'), all packaged up with crazy, off-kilter cow bells and swing-swanging horns. Throw this quirky classic on and watch your party immediately turn up to 75% weirder - in a good way, obviously!

On the flip, another killer riff, rolling drums and grimey, crime-jazz horns on the Nomads 'Icky Poo', which comes off like the backdrop to some '50s cop show that never was, perhaps pulled from the airwaves for delving too deeply into the seedy Soho underbelly of the day. Imagine if film noir had carried through to the late '50s and they'd made one where some down-at-heel gum-shoe prowls the shadowy backstreets and sleazy strip clubs of Times Square?… the 'Icky Poo' would be playing in the background all the way!

!!! Limited Run - Only 500 copies pressed !!!