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The Jaguars - Jaguar / Roundabout
7" Vinyl
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The Jaguars

Jaguar / Roundabout

TT Shakers

Released: 2nd April 2012 | 2 track instrumental rock single

Back to back we present again for all you slickers, dimers and good-for- nuthin' two bit hustlers two of the sleaziest, grinding instrumentals ever committed to wax! The Jaguars waxed only two 45s, of which this limited reissue pairing of 'Jaguar' and 'Roundabout' was the pick. Cut back in the Texas oilfields of '59, all their songs came with a car theme of sorts. Presumably these guys were part of a wild gang of hot rod teen tearaways, blaring music out of their custom cars as they tore up and down the strip. Certainly, the wild & rasping sax on 'Jaguar' is played to sound reminiscent of a revving engine, blaring exhaust and screaming teenage girls! Roundabout is every bit as good as the A side, and every bit as sleazy... Pure rock and roll strip club material of the lowest / highest variety - possibly the best twin spin 45's of its kind!