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J C Davis - The Splib Pts 1 & 2
7" Vinyl
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J C Davis

The Splib Pts 1 & 2

TT Shakers

Released: 5th November 2012 | 2 track classic r&b single

A bona fide classic and true essential in the sleazy instro field - a rolling, bumping and grinding ride back to the downtown R&B clubs of the late 50s, early 60s, from James Brown's one-time bandleader James C. Davis.

'The Splib' was presumably yet another new dance which no doubt summarily failed to sweep the nation. Tantalisingly, the vocals provide only the vaguest physical direction with a couple of references to shaking and shimmying and little else - leaving us to only try and guess at what the actual moves were. Perhaps that's just as well: by the down and dirty sound of the song itself, it's possible 'The Splib' dance came with an X-rating!