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DonDonFunk - No Otha Mutha
12" Vinyl
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No Otha Mutha


Released: 23rd January 2006 | 5 track ep
No Otha Mutha - A five minute humorous rant over one hell of block chopping beat from Dren and not a chorus in sight! Co-production by Dave Brinkworth from Harmonic 33 (Alphabet Zoo) means you are guaranteed a killer beat with a raw UK edge. Future Sock - a sideways glance at the world today through the eyes of Mr Funk. Thought provoking, original lyrics, with a relentless flow throughout and DJ Dren providing the beats again it's sure to keep your head nodding. The with more than one foot in the boot of all things old school Hip Hop and Electro, and tongue planted firmly in cheek, take you on a journey from the very origins of Rap and Funk, crashing right up to date in a frenzy of beats hard enough to split granite, stopping at all points on the way. Pillaging grooves from every source imaginable, there is something for everyone, from the obscure undiscovered beats and raps ,to the staple classics, everything is touched apon, but is then treated to the Scoundrels patented treatment, and thoroughly wrung through the boys bboy mangle, resulting in a collage of beats and downright funkiness that will have you reaching for the lino quicker than you can say 'Mike Allen' The torch has been passed and the gauntlet thrown down, whichever way you look at it, the mission is well underway, and to quote the record 'The DJ's are ready to take over now', and would you argue with them?' Support from DJ AK, Homecut, Latin RasKaz, Matsumoto Hisataakaa.'
"For fresh beats with an eye for the past, this cut is a sure shot 9/10"
Dudley Jaynes, Undercover Magazine
"killer tunes made of incredible sound collages, sampling rap classics as well as forgotten breaks pieces. A pure beauty that can?t be missed!"