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Hanno Leichtmann - SY-4

Hanno Leichtmann


The Tapeworm

Released: 30th March 2018 | 2 track electronic album

Hanno Leichtmann writes: SY-4 was a four-channel sound installation I presented at the SYN/CUSSION festival in May 2017. It is a homage to my most beloved of electronic instruments: the SY-1 Syncussion Drum Synth by Pearl.

The installation, an 18 min loop, was made exclusively with recordings of the SY-1, with only a touch of reverb added here and there. SY-4 Berlin Mix is more-or-less one loop of the installation, in a stereo mix.

SY-4 Budapest Mix was recorded at 4D Sound, Budapest, during a residency in August 2017. For this mix I mostly worked with unused prerecorded sounds and samples of the SY-1, run through a ER-301 Sound Computer. – Hanno Leichtmann, Berlin, 15.ii.2018