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Hanno Leichtmann - Unfinished Portrait of Youth Today
Released: TBC

Hanno Leichtmann

Unfinished Portrait of Youth Today

The Tapeworm

Released: TBC | 2 track 20th/21st century album

All music by Hanno Leichtmann – tapes, Sony WM-D6C, modular system, Telefunken equalizers, LXP-5. Recorded at Static Music Berlin. Thanks: Götz Rogge for that tape back in the day…

Hanno Leichtmann writes… When The Tapeworm asked me to do a tape which referred to tape music or cassette culture, I immediately thought of my thirty-or-so remaining tapes from my (back in the days) huge tape collection.

I bought a Sony WM-D6C to play them back in good quality, took little snippets of favourite songs and ran them through a modular system. I made about forty short static pieces, all about 1m30s long.

They are highly influenced by and, at the same time, a hommage to: John Oswald's Plunderphonics, Curd Duca's Easy Listening 1-5, Stock, Hausen and Walkman's Me 7, and above all Yasuaki Shimizu's Music for Commercials. An extended vinyl release of this tape is planned for Fall 2013. Hanno Leichtmann, Berlin, 16th May 2013.