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Television Set - Emma Hauck's Letters
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Television Set

Emma Hauck's Letters

The Tapeworm

Released: 26th January 2015 | 8 track new wave album

80s-inspired music from Roger Semsroth, better known as Sleeparchive.

TV as eyes. TV eye on you. Television, the drug of the nation. The ultimate seduction, the realm etc. Control, by them...;

This Television Set, however, is just a television set. No abyss you gaze into, with the known consequences. It's a mere nocturnal distraction. Pastime, but no paradise. Refusal, and no participation. A light in your room. It is a translation of observational notes into sound. You have not lost control again.

Roger Semsroth is an artist of many guises, and this is one of his finest. Music written for the loneliest boys in town, who get the girl in the end. Or vice versa. And there are no references either - none! Trip the switch. - Finn Johannsen, Berlin, 10th November 2014