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Simon Scott - STUK
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Simon Scott


The Tapeworm

Released: 3rd March 2017 | 2 track ambient album

STUK is dedicated to the victims of 13.11.15. As the devastating and abhorrent news of the Paris attacks was breaking I took to the stage to perform with a sinking and heavy heart. - Simon Scott, 21.01.16.

Recorded live at STUK Kunstencentrum, Leuven, Belgium on 13th November 2015. Room recording made on an Edirol R-09hr. Written and performed live by Simon Scott.

Simon Scott is a sound ecologist and multi-instrumentalist from Cambridge, England. His albums Insomni (Ash International) and Below Sea Level (Kesh/TouchLine) are out now. His work explores the creative process of actively listening, the implications of recording the natural world

using technology and the manipulation of natural sounds used for musical composition. He plays the drums in Slowdive and has recently collaborated with artists James Blackshaw, Spire, Taylor Deupree (Between), Isan + many more.