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Club Asylum - Sampler Album - Volume 1

Club Asylum

Sampler Album - Volume 1

Urban Dubz

Released: 1st February 2010 | 10 track garage album
Top UK Garage / 2 Step Remix / Production / DJ Outfit Club Asylum, are probably the best known Uk Garage producers in the world. Club Asylum have been around for about 5 years, and have worked along side some of the best recording artist's of our time, including ALL SAINTS, JODECI, KC& JOJO, THE DON, SHOLA AMA, DIONNE RAKEEM, ANOTHER LEVEL, RAY RUFFIN, KENNY THOMAS, DENADA, LYNSEY MOORE, RASHEEN PATERSON, GINUWINE, AMIRA, BARBARA TUCKER, LUTRICIA MCNEAL, MAIDA MYLES, MARVIN AND TAMERA AND DAWN TALLMEN amongst many many others. Club Asylum started out in the emergence of the early Uk Garage scene, under the stables of the UK's most prolific garage label Nice and Ripe records, owned by Grant Nelson fame. This is were the two production partners met Jeremy Sylvester and Paul Emanuel. After two years of producing together, they decided to go there own seperate ways, and Jeremy continued the productions and remixes on his own, but never losing sight of the Club Asylum Underground roots, which gained them respect from all around the world.. After countless remixes , collaborations and Dj-ing around the globe, Club Asylum never really had the time to be able to release there own material on a regular basis, and the thought of an album, was way beyond Jeremy's thoughts. But after a short break from the Uk garage scene, Jeremy thought the time was about right to release an album, showcasing some of there past production releases and some exclusive tracks, never before heard.. THAT TIME IS NOW!!!!!! The long awaited CLUB ASYLUM CD ALBUM has finally been completed, and we at Urban Dubz, are very proud to be able to bring this carefully compiled CD to you. Some comments on the album, from some prominent figures in the UK Garage / 2 step scene: DJ EZ (Kiss 100 LONDON) - This is by far the best Uk garage Artsist album, for a long time Karl Tuff Enuff Brown - I've had this for a while, and have been hammering these tracks HARD!!!!! Matt Qualifide - Wicked album Dj Havoc - An inspirational Album for all the Headz!!!! Andre (Essential Direct) - Awesome CD Jay Da Flex - ( BBC Radio 1 extra) Excellent tracks, from one of the UK's best producers Richie 'Vibe' Vee ( BBC Radio 1 extra) - Excellent selection, wicked tracks from Jeremy Dj Danny Four Four - Barcelona This album is dangerous