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Twardowski - When We Were Astronauts
Vinyl LP
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When We Were Astronauts

U Know Me Records

Released: 7th October 2016 | 8 track house album

When We Were Astronauts is Twardowski's third solo outing on U Know Me Records and his first full-length LP. The album started as an exercise in creating an alternative soundtrack to a certain sci-fi movie - sketches for the tracks were laid out as illustration to particular scenes and sequences from the movie. Eventually, as the sketches started to form an album, the concept evolved into an impression about childhood dreams, manifested by the yearning to become an astronaut. All this is heavily filtered by the artist's 80's nostalgia and unconditional love for sci-fi movies, especially the kitschy ones.

Sonically, the album builds on Twardowski's formula for the previous two EPs: take some samples, add a truckload of synths and mold until a modern take on boogie forms. Touches of broken beat and cheesy 80s arpeggios are added to complete the sci-fi theme of the album.

Both sides of the LP feature vocal tracks: Borys Dejnarowicz appears on side A with a sort of a theme song for the album and side B features Misia Furtak in a lullaby for spacemen. The limited edition vinyl (300 copies) features a beautiful gatefold cover, designed by famous Polish designer Edgar Bąk.