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Night Marks - Experience
Vinyl LP
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Night Marks


U Know Me Records

Released: 6th October 2017 | 8 track neo-soul album

Limited edition (only 260 copies) of 180g vinyl LP.

It's been a little bit over 3 years since Night Marks last dropped their first mini album, but thankfully that hiatus finally comes to an end here today. Now after much anticipation, we present the first full-length album from Night Marks entitled Experience. Behind Night Marks (previously called 'Night Marks Electric Trio') stand two exceptional musicians - Marek Pędziwiatr and Piotrek Skorupski (also known for 'Spisek Jednego'). Though having a common hometown (Wroclaw), these two were joined together by their mutual love of jazz, soul, hip-hop, and as if that wasn't enough, they're both electronic virtuosos. Out of this melting pot of commonalities came Night Marks' unique sound; tasteful samples, bass and keyboard wizardry and remarkable lyrics.

After the release of their debut EP, they became stand-outs in the music community, landing them numerous collaborations. Night Marks worked and produced several artists including Paulina Przybysz, Polish rappers like Ten Typ Mes, Rasmentalism, JWP, Wozz, Malaysian band Bass Sekolah, and world famous singer Bilal.

Their talents landed them an opportunity to tour places they haven't visited before. This mind-opening tour through Portugal, England, Russia, Kazakhstan and Korea, influenced a large part of what you hear on the album Experience. With good reason, the intro of the album is in Korean, and the song Break the Silence even features the artist Lim from the Korean group Solati. A great experience while on tour in Seoul ignited a creative fire in Night Marks, which in turn fueled this new album.

Piotr and Marek are also the authors of famous Jazz Project - EABS [Repetitions (Letters To Krzysztof Komeda) LP - Astigmatic Records 2017]