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The Council Flats Of Kingsbury - The Council Flats Of Kingsbury
Vinyl LP
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The Council Flats Of Kingsbury

The Council Flats Of Kingsbury

Uncharted Audio

Released: 2nd November 2009 | 14 track leftfield/idm album
Influenced by the golden age of bossa nova, sophisticated soundtracks, classic psychological thrillers, and the subtle horrors of suburban life, the once enlightened Council Flats of Kingsbury make extreme efforts to hold it together for circa 35 minutes on this delicate home production. Maintaining a leash on delusion induced paranoia, the sedating melodies will have you pottering around in the belief that everything is lovely and ignoring the fact that somethings not quite right. Despite the plurality of name, The Council Flats of Kingsbury aren't some edgy-haircut indie band, but rather the work of one Colin Kavanagh, a London-based multi-instrumentalist. Kavanagh was first brought to the attention of the public by a split 7 with LJ Kruzer back in 2002, but took time out from his solo project to work in various capacities with a host of bands around the capital. That initial split single garnered rave reviews as it launched the career of a fledgling LJ Kruzer but Kavanagh received equal plaudits for his 'Dirty Floor' - a hefty slab of bass-heavy, buzzsaw-raw dub-jazz (NME). Seven years on his love of psychedelia, bossa and soundtracks is realised to the full in 14 tracks that you will love just as much. This is the sound of now suburbia! File next to: Trunk Records, Soundtracks, Psychedelia etc...
"Like listening to the The Gentle People trying to soundtrack The Good Life from the kitchenette as Jimi Tenor obscures their view..."
Graeme Ross, Radioolio
"Sumptuously crafted and designed through a retro viewfinder… An utterly rewarding gem"
The Sunday Experience
"Warm and inviting.. simple and honest, yet intriguing and multi-faceted... like a favourite uncle in a scary costume that’s a touch too realistic"
"Compact and captivating... Don’t miss this out if you’re into folktronica, hauntology, Ghost Box, Moon Wiring Club etc."